Dean Bids Rahm Adieu

As you may have heard, Rahm Emanuel departed the White House yesterday to explore a bid for mayor of Chicago. In Herding Donkeys, ex-party chair Howard Dean sharply criticizes Rahm for his disdainful treatment of progressive activists during the healthcare debate.

“I’m not looking to pick another fight with Rahm Emanuel,” Dean says, “but the contempt with which he held the progressive wing of the party was devastating and incredibly demoralizing. That’s basically saying to your own people—you got us here, now FU.”

David Corn of Mother Jones picked up that quote yesterday (as did Sam Stein of Huffington Post earlier in the week) in a post titled, “Howard Dean’s Farewell to Rahm.”

And Greg Sargent of the Washington Post‘s excellent Plum Line blog highlighted a section of the book where I reveal how Emanuel blocked Dean from getting a job in the Obama Administration, to the chagrin of progressive activists.

It will be interesting to see if Rahm’s departure helps Obama reconnect with his grassroots supporters, and if Rahm’s turbulent tenure in the White House will become a liability during his run for mayor.

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